Day 18 at CML

Hours: 7.5 Total Hours: 135 I spent my morning sorting A8 and A9 into a total of 43 and 35 folders respectively. Getting the folders down to manageably browsable, and distinct topics.The baseball films were organized by topic/team and year, including high school, college, semi-pro and amateur, all the way up to professional leagues. In the afternoon, I renumbered these… More →

Day 17 at CML

Hours: 7.5 Total Hours: 127.5 Baseball is the name of the game this week, but first, there was renumbering. I renumbered rolls A2, A5, A6, and A7 so that all files had a distinct sequential number from folder to folder on the roll. Then I transferred them onto the drive Aaron was uploading from, so he could get those online,… More →

Day 14 at CML

Hours: 7.5 Total Hours: 105 A3 scans look good, so I got A4 started, it was a bit blurry at the beginning, but eventually, I got it sorted out. While it was scanning, I started sorting A3, noting a couple pages that needed rescanning, along the way. I was a bit more conscious of making the folders small enough to… More →

Day 13 at CML

Hours: 7.5 Total Hours: 97.5 I started my day sorting the first roll of hand-written cards (A1), and scanning the second roll(A2) onto a different drive. Took me a while to get the scanner calibrated just right, but not nearly as long as the first time. Once I had the A1 roll sorted, I renamed the files sequentially on a different… More →