Final Day at Otterbein

Hours: 7.5 Total Hours: 150 I started my day finishing up my final presentation. Then I worked on some more Collection Development. I had lunch with Jane and Amy as a fine farewell. After lunch, I worked on collection development some more until it was time for my presentation. In my Final Presentation, I shared my DC Use Survey and… More →

Day 19 at Otterbein

Hours: 7.5 Total Hours: 142.5 Started my day with Jane, getting ready for my final week. The DC Use survey was sent out again, and we had a lot of new responses to go through. I started there, updating my report with the rest of the responses. I sent it out to Jane, and she gave me some feedback. I… More →

Day 18 at Otterbein

Hours: 7.5 Total Hours: 135 I met with Jane to start my Tuesday, we went over yet more troubles with the Physics papers that I had uploaded. This week, I need to fix dates and CCLs – add dates to the conference citations, expand publication dates to months and days if I can, and make sure the CCL is accurate.… More →

Day 17 at Otterbein

Hours: 7.5 Total Hours: 127.5 This week started off with Faculty/Staff usability test number 3 and ended with number 4. In between, I added some hand-written Pre-Surveys into SurveyMonkey, and scheduled student test number 5. I updated my survey reports for the Pre-Surveys, and my DC Use survey had doubled in participants, so I updated that, too. I also updated… More →

Day 16 at Otterbein

Hours: 8┬áTotal Hours: 120 I started out my day checking on the surveys, no new responses. So, I printed out the usability script, having read it off the computer screen yesterday. I also printed out several copies of the citation for the Faculty test, so I could hand it to them, instead of just showing them the script. Then I… More →

Day 15 at Otterbein

Hours: 7 Total Hours: 112 I started out week eight updating the survey reports. I put in all the current data for both the Usability Pre-Survey and the DC Use Survey. I pulled all the text-response questions from the Use Survey, too. I made slides for those as well. Then I made reports to the different Library Liaisons for all… More →

Day 14 at Otterbein

Hours: 6.5 Total Hours:105 I got in early on Friday, to get a bit of work done before my interview, so Jane was not in yet. I wrote up my own To Do list. Finish up the collection development report, check on the usability study rsvps, work on the script. There was one more RSVP, a student, so I sent… More →