Portfolio of Hydy Cates

I started designing webpages back in the 90s, with Geocities and Angelfire. Learning and copying basic HTML and snippets of Javascript. HTML Goodies was my favorite site for learning and borrowing code. In college, I discovered blogging over at Livejournal.

After college, blogging lead me to Wordpress.com, and from there, to Wordpress.org where I discovered their CMS. Using this, I created my own personal Author Site which I used for about a year and a half. Later, while working for Bookup, Inc., I convinced the owner to let me update his site from Frontpage to Wordpress CMS. There were dozens of pages, including learning and advertising funnels to convert. Eventually, however, I was able to bring Bookup.com into the present. Soon after, I learned about Joomla and Drupal and have played around with them occasionally.

In Grad School, I continued my Web Design education. In Database Driven websites, we used Coldfusion to create a bookstore site that created pages on the fly using SQL queries. The page was on a student server and is long gone, but the code of one of the pages looked something like this:

<CFQUERY NAME="bestsellers" DATASOURCE="webbooks">
SELECT Title, Price, Pub_Date, Publisher, Auth_Last, Auth_First, ISBN
FROM Authors, Titles, Publishers
WHERE Titles.Auth_ID = Authors.Auth_ID
AND Titles.Pub_ID = Publishers.Pub_ID
AND Auth_Last like 'Rowling'


<H3 class="FoundPrompt">Introducing Our Bestsellers! </H3>


<CFOUTPUT QUERY="bestsellers">
<DIV class="SearchDisplay">
Title: #Title#
Author: #Auth_First# #Auth_Last#
Publisher: #Publisher#
Price: #DollarFormat(Price)#

In my PHP & MySQL class, we went even further. This time, creating our own databases with MySQL, and using PHP scripts to access them. The final project was also on a student server, and is no longer accessible.

/* Display current listing of persons in the database
in a table including the new addition */

echo ('<table align="center" border="1" bgcolor="#e9fd46" bordercolor="blue">');
echo ("<tr><td>Person ID</td><td>Full Name</td><td>Birth Dates</td>");
echo ("<td>Birth Place</td>");
echo ("<td>Death Date</td><td>Birth Place</td>");
echo ("<td>Occupation</td></tr>");

/* Here we fill the table with as many records as there are in the database */

while ( $row = mysql_fetch_array($query_result)) {
echo("<tr><td>" . $row["person_id"]. "</td><td>" . $row["fullname"] .
echo("<td>" . $row["date_of_birth"] . "</td>");
echo("<td>" . $row["bplace"] . "</td>");
echo("<td>" . $row["date_of_death"]. "</td>");
echo("<td>" . $row["dplace"] . "</td>");
echo("<td>" . $row["occupation_name"] . "</td><tr>");
echo ("</table>");

In my Website Development, Design & Management class, we created false commercial websites, while learning HTML5 and the use of Cascading Style Sheets. My final lab project is here. While this site was the final personal project. I have since updated this site to make it more of a portfolio.

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