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In Intro to Digital Preservation, my group made a collection of wedding photographs from before 1950. The walkthrough video is below:

In my Digital Libraries class, I created a mini digital library of some of my pewter figurine collection. It was done in Kent State's Google sites, and is no longer accessible. An item page looked something like this:

Photos Metadata
Front View
Back View
Side View
Title: Painted Northern Pintail Duck on flat base
Type: Physical Object
Format.Medium: pewter (tin alloy)
Format.Height: 1.5cm
Format.Width: 1.9cm
Format.Length: 3.2cm
Subject: Northern Pintail
Date.Created: 1984
Creator: Lamb
Rights.Access: Open Access
Rights.Holder: Hydy Cates
Description.Abstract: Entire bill and top of tail are painted black, chest is painted white and head is painted brown. Wings and back are feathered, base has water ripples.

In my Implementation of Digital Libraries class, I created a digital library of travel photos with the Greenstone software. It is contained within a 67.5MB downloadable zip file.

Courtright Memorial Library Documents:

Work I did on the institutional repository Digital Commons @ Otterbein:

New Content:

CML Local History Digital Collections:

Collections I added to CML's My History collection. My job was to add the metadata and create the collections. For the Ohio State Journal Indexes, I also digitized the microfilm.

City of Columbus Collection:

Columbus African American Collection:

Central Ohio News and Subject Index

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